Photography, Poetry, Charity
We are a print on demand, non-profit magazine. Which means that all the profit we make by selling the magazines is donated to charities.
Our goal is to share art and by that be able to help people that are in need.


Founder, Photographer

I have always been fascinated by portrait photography. A portrait photograph holds magic exposing the soul of the model to the outside world. With the combined efforts in perfect sync it is not possible to take a portrait without seeing a glimpse of the photographer’s personality.

I think it is important to give back to people that are in need and don’t have the luck others might have in their lives. So I went searching for fellow creatives that had the same mindset as me to start a beautiful cooperation sharing art for a good purpose. 



Editor & Writer

My passion resides in many places, most corresponding with the expression of oneself through artistry and fashion, but writing is perhaps the most prominent of them all. I love connecting with people, we each have our own way of captivating one another. We learn and grow through each other, I find it to be a beautiful thing. Sharing stories through the art of language has a sense of solidity and permanent continuation. Poetry is particularly special to write because poems are fluid, they mean whatever the reader needs them to mean while still holding the integrity of the writer. I seek to share the stories so far untold and unfold the experience within them.


It has always been my passion to be creative. No matter if it was drawing, singing or dancing. About ten years ago I discovered my fascination for photography and it’s still present. Also I love movies and the process in-front and behind-of the camera, telling stories with 24 frames per second. That’s why I started to study acting.

A lot of the most successful people on this planet didn’t have the greatest childhood. They didn’t have the possibilities others had. That’s why I think it’s important to give everyone the chance they deserve.

Foto: Fotografiene