What moves you? A question so simple, yet so difficult to answer. It takes time to think about it. I consider it something, that can't be describes in words only, rather in photographs and poems. Images and ideas that emerge from working with personalities. 

Portrait Diaries is my personal charity magazine*. A project that came to life in 2019. Photographs and poetry; deeply intertwined. To show people and their emotions as they are - to become art. In my opinion a printed book is the only appropriate medium to put this art. It is all about deep and true emotions. It celebrates the flaws and sees beneath the surface. There's no room for superficiality. The portraits mostly are soft and emotional. Contrary to what society would consider "manly".

The idea for the magazine arose from my sparked passion for portrait photography of men and their vulnerable side, as well as my wish to slow down and go a different way. The first three issues have been printed and hand-sewn by me, as I wanted to be involved in the whole process. This included endless nights of printing, cutting, sewing and packing magazine orders to ship them in time. 

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