Robin II

Worauf bist du stolz?In der Regel bin ich selten stolz auf etwas weil ich oft diesen „es geht immer noch besser“ Gedanken habe. ich bin einfach froh, das ich da bin wo ich bin und das tun kann Read more

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Daniel Donskoy

Dear Diary

10.10.2019, The journey

This was a photoshoot I was looking forward to for quite a while. Just a few weeks before, I’ve heard that Daniel will be playing a concert in Stuttgart and immediately reached out. Read more

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Dear Diary

05.12.2019, Photoshoot preparations

It rarely happens that I take photos of women. I can’t quite describe why, but most of the time I listen to my gut feeling. In photography as well as in life. That’s Read more

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What is your biggest fear?I think fears come and go, some of them stay. For me it’s the fear of height that I’m struggeling with.

What do you think would make the world a better place?We need Read more

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What is your biggest fear?Since I started to believe in God I have no fears anymore. He’s always there and is protecting you from all the bad in life. There’s one saying in Jesaja 41:10:“So do not Read more

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They dreamt within peace,Of structures so full of history it is a wonder they hadn’t yet burst,Of the sun and the moon dancing once again,Of colorful fish flaunting their beauty without the concept of shame,Beads Read more

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It was a rainy afternoon at the end of September when we met Robin on a field somewhere in Germany.

What is your biggest fear?Disappointing myself is one of my biggest fears. I always want to put Read more

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A light summer breeze, the mumbling sound of people talking in the distance. It’s a warm and sunny day on the first day of autumn. This is when we met with Patrick.

What’s your biggest fear?It probably Read more

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On the last day of summer, we met Jose to take photos in and around the nearby lake. While the sun was still shining, the water was already quite chill but just warm enough to take a short Read more

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