Daniel Donskoy

Dear Diary

10.10.2019, The journey

This was a photoshoot I was looking forward to for quite a while. Just a few weeks before, I’ve heard that Daniel will be playing a concert in Stuttgart and immediately reached out. He was someone I wanted to photograph for quite a while now, but of course it’s not easy to get together with someone so busy.

You can imagine how happy I was to receive the news, that he would have some time before his concert. Stuttgart is only a 1 hour car ride away from where I live, but still the journey to get there was quite adventurous.
Stuttgart is a low-emission zone and back then I still had a very old Diesel car. Which means that I couldn’t drive into the city with it.
So the first step was to organize a car that could get me there. As I couldn’t have handled taking all the gear, outfits, and stuff there by train.

Luckily I could borrow the car from my grandparents. An even older car but no Diesel (isn’t that funny?). What you have to imagine is, that this car is really, really old. It’s old, it’s slow and even my dad couldn’t promise that it would make its way to Stuttgart, or back (which is what he told me afterwards). Optimistic as I am, I was sure I would get there of course.
I wasn’t that sure anymore when I was driving up the hills, while smoke was coming out of the engine hood.
Long story short, I made it to the location and picked up Daniel.

10.10.2019, The photoshoot

Because of the very tight time shedule and the weather situation (it has been raining all day), we decided to go to a location very close by. I had checked the location on google maps before and picked some spot. It was a small lane leading to a construction zone from a german car manufacturer, but no one did mind us being there.

It was perfect because I was able to hang the black backdrop on one of the fences and there was also some space for climbing (as you might have seen in the video on Instagram, you can still check it out there). The light wasn’t the best but using a reflector I managed to have a decent light.
Shooting with Daniel was a lot of fun and quite easy I would say. He’s a very agile person, moving around a lot so it never got boring and it provided a lot of great photos.

For the Nerds

Equipment used:
– Sony A7rII
– Minolta Rokkor 58mm 1.4
Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 (affiliate Link)

– Pentax 6×7
– Takumar 105mm
– Fomapan 400

Photos: Joy Dana
Hair & Make Up: Robin Gasser

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