On the last day of summer, we met Jose to take photos in and around the nearby lake. While the sun was still shining, the water was already quite chill but just warm enough to take a short swim in the evening sun.

The clouds over the mountains are purple and blue,
They don’t shine but their glory is incomparable,
This cold is soft, so isn’t uncomfortable,
The darkens induces the need to sleep but vigorously I fight it,
Like warm chocolate, my heart keeps me thawed when the wind picks up,
Chasms of marble and gold open within my soul to make room for his,
I’m carried away by my own thoughts,
But my mind is stubborn and refuses to think of anything but him,
I’m reminded of the moments we’ve spent on each other so far,
Not a single one could have been spent on anything more worthwhile,
The comfort and ecstasy of them stay with me even now,
And somehow no other version of happiness compares to that which I find with him,
His reckless nature mixed with his need to be tranquil and kind is unique in this world and opposite of mine,
But both our similarities and differences complement one another,
The silences never feel awkward because we’re both too busy admiring one another in between speech,
He always tries too hard and pretends he isn’t trying at all,
I can see right through him,
He knows and is glad for it but may never say so,
I hardly know what to do with this newfound appreciation for life but I’m smart enough to enjoy it while it lasts and mature enough to hold onto it for as long as I can.

Evee Douglas

Portraits on Film

Shot on a Pentax 6×7 with Takumar 105mm 2.4, Fomapan 100, developed in Rodinal
(for all the film photography geeks like me)

Photos: Joy Dana

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