Dear Diary

05.12.2019, Photoshoot preparations

It rarely happens that I take photos of women. I can’t quite describe why, but most of the time I listen to my gut feeling. In photography as well as in life. That’s also how I choose my models most of the time.
I saw Melina popping up on instagram as a new follower quite some time ago. Directly I had that „I need to take photos of her“ moment.

As soon as I see a face I want to take photos of, my mind start thinking about possible ideas, locations and themes. It keeps spinning and spinning until the day of the photoshoot. That’s how many ideas build up to a „final“ concept that I’m planning towards to.

In this case, and because of the fact that it was winter, a cold themed photoshoot seemed perfectly fitting for her.
Two weeks before the photoshoot we met for a chat about the photoshoot. Also on board was Robin, you might know him from a previous story. He is a Make up artist, and as it turned out the both know each other, he offered to do the Make Up for the photoshoot (Thank you Robin!).

Discussing the photoshoot with the actual model is not only about the photoshoot. It’s also about getting to know the person behind the face. That’s a very important part, as you might know, for taking portrait photos. Melina is a actor, musician, artist… and overall a very interesting personality.

22.12.2019, The day of the photoshoot

It was a cold foggy winter day. Getting up at 6:30 am I packed all the necessities and headed to the other side of the city. We met up at Robins place where he already got Melina ready.
Normally I like to go to the location before the photoshoot to get an idea of what it looks like and to spark some ideas. But in this case and because of the lack of time, it wasn’t possible.

As much as I love planning the location and all the other things, I also love to cope with unexpected situations during a photoshoot and to react spontaneously to given conditions on location.
Luckily it turned out, that the location was just perfect. The sun was just about to set and the fog was still lying over the water. A few sunbeams did shine through the trees surrounding the lake. And it was freezing cold.

Fun fact: One day before the photoshoot I watched „Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker“ in the cinema and was inspired by the movie. Can you spot a few inspiration coming from it maybe?

For the Nerds

Equipment used:
– Sony A7rII
– Minolta Rokkor 58mm 1.4
Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 (affiliate Link)

Photos: Joy Dana
Hair & Make Up: Robin Gasser

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