Today we are introducing to you musician Simon Höfele who we met for a portrait session in Karlsruhe. He is a passionate musician playing as a solist with many different orchestras internationally, who has also a love for film photography. It was a fun photoshooting incorporating both of his passions.

What is your biggest fear?
To forget and be losing the ability to love.

What do you think would make the world a better place?

Do you have a role model? Who would that be?
Many and none. I try to keep learning through everything and everybody. Trying to stay open-minded for the New would be a general guideline I guess.

Is there anything you regret?
Not anything but many. I guess regretting is one of the parts to overcome, living and learning. Basically growing up in a certain way.

What are you impressed by?

What is your biggest weakness?
I’m far from being perfect, so I think there are many. The worst thing about it I guess is that I don’t know too much about them. Otherwise, I would try to fix them.

What was the first thought you had waking up this morning?

Photos: Joy Dana

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